How to Blowout Bangs

How to Blowout Bangs

Eva demonstrated how to get perfect bangs

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  1. P. Hunt Says:

    Excellent information on blowing out bangs especially if you have a cowlick like me.

  2. sharmila Says:

    eva could please show how to blow dry shoulder length wavy hair.My hair is cut in layers.

  3. Eva Scrivo Says:

    Please watch the Perfect Blowout video which applies to wavy hair as well as straight.

  4. Helen Says:

    Hi Eva. Excellent bang tutorial… really helpful. Thanks

  5. marie Says:

    eva, what brand of hair dryer do you use - i can not see that you sell them online

    i find your videos very informative - thanks for sharing

  6. evascrivo Says:

    Hi Marie,

    I use a Twin Turbo 3200. It is a professional blow dryer. They are not currently sold on my website, but you are more than welcome to call my salon for pricing and product availablilty (212-677-7315).

  7. Sonia Says:

    Hi, I have side swept bangs & I never have any lift to them so would I use the same technique shown in the above video or do you have a different video for side swept bangs?

  8. evascrivo Says:

    Hi Sonia,

    You can use this same video for side swept bangs, but I would change the sectioning and angle of the brush to customize it for your side swept bang. Instead of straight across sections, take sections on an angle and lift the brush at a 45 degree angle to get a bit more lift and body. You can also add a bit of mousse or gel just to the front section of your hair to give you a bit more support in that area. Let me know how this technique works for you!


  9. Barbara Suroski Says:

    Hello, I have naturaly soft curls. My hair has a fine texture and it is cut in a blunt bob style. I usually wear it straight. I would like to occasionally wear my hair in a more natural soft, curly style. What products should I use to help my hair hold the curly look.

  10. evascrivo Says:

    Hi Barbara,

    Bumble & Bumble curl conscious defining creme layered over Prep is a great combo for soft, fine curls. The creme will add definition and hold to your curls without being sticky or hard. Try using the Prep, then the creme on damp hair- twist small sections all over your hair and dry with a diffuser. You should get soft, beautiful curls that last all day!

    Best wishes,

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