Eva’s Beauty Tip: New Year’s Eve Style (December 28, 2009)

Posted on: December 28, 2009

New Year’s Eve is just days away and like many others, I’m sure you are just now starting to explore your fashion options. Celebrating the New Year is a great excuse to transform your everyday style into a more glamorous, sophisticated look.

Your holiday hair and makeup is just as much an essential part of your outfit as the clothing itself. A less structured but yet glamorous up-do such as a low, loose chignon worn off center or to the side, is a more modern take of the old classic. Pair this hairstyle with a clean, neutral eye and a bold lip shade to compliment your little black dress.

For a more trendy and edgy look try adding hair extensions in an unconventional shade to your blowout or incorporated into your up-do. Jewel tone shades such as sapphire blue, amethyst or emerald, which can be custom colored and cut at our salon, will add just the right amount of sass.

To smooth and polish curly or wavy hair, spray in a light silicone or linseed based product such as Alfaparf Cristalli Finishing Spray on dry hair. Next, section hair and use a 1 ½- 2 inch curling iron to create a more defined wave. This fun and flirty look can be paired with a sequined top, dark denim and heels. To compliment this look, line entire eye with a soft black or chocolate brown eye pencil then layer a metallic shadow on top lid and underneath the eye to create a soft, smoky eye. Add bronzer to contour and enhance your features. A pale, shimmery gloss or lipstick in a shade of your choice will finish this look.

Pink Eva Scrivo Hair Extensions

To add some holiday flair to your chosen hair style, hair jewelry will do the trick. From a rhinestone clip to feathered head band, these options are a great choice to glam up your style. My particular favorites are the ostrich feather headband by Vinnetta Scrivo or the bronze and black rhinestone drop Barrett by Gwynne Mims, both sold at the Eva Scrivo Salon.

Ostrich Feather Headband by Vinnetta Scrivo

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