“Beauty Talk” Highlights (November 17, 2009)

Posted on: November 17, 2009

I’ve been getting a lot of questions on the radio and on my blog about how to deal with thinning hair and hair loss. Remember: Heredity has a lot to do with hair growth and loss, but there are many things that we can do to help our bodies act the way we want them to. First of all, it is important that you use a natural boar bristle or mixed bristle brush (Janeke) which will help to stimulate cell activity on the scalp and helps to bring your natural oils from the root to the tip. Scalp massage and even acupuncture can also be great ways to stimulate the scalp and hair growth. You should take hair and skin supporting supplements like Folic Acid and Biotin on a daily basis (high potency). Be patient with the supplements. You won’t see results immediately as they will need to build up in your system before they reach effective levels.Talk to your dermatologist to find out if there are any medical recommendations for you. Finally, make sure that you are eating many fresh fruits and vegetables and lean proteins like fish and tofu. While supplements are great, nothing compares with getting real nutrients directly from the source.

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  1. mary louise Says:

    Can you recommend a shampoo ie Nioxin a scalp treatments etc for thinning hair.

  2. evascrivo Says:

    Nioxin is a good product for thinning hair when it comes to shampoos. It’s also important to brush your hair regularly with a natural bristle brush to exfoliate the scalp, so that dead skin cells do not block hair follicles. I have also found that Skin, Nails and Hair by Megafood, is helps to stimulate hair growth. You should also get your hormone levels tested by an endocrinogist. Here are links to a good and reasonably priced natural bristle brush and to Megafood. Hope this helps.



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