I was asked by the Wella Professional team to participate in last week’s exciting launch of the new Koleston Perfect line. Wella reformulated their permanent hair color and asked six of the top salons in New York City to experience a new formulation on models and present the results to beauty editors and their publications.

My model, Chelsea, had never colored her hair before and was very concerned about keeping a natural look. I assured Chelsea and her agency that the color would only be a better version of her natural color. We used the Balayage technique, the French term for hair painting, with three different tonal values. I used a level 4 rich natural brown as my lowlight, and a level 6 and 8 natural gold as my highlights. We also root shaded her hair with a level 5 brown to add depth and make her color look more natural. Root shading creates the illusion of natural roots, thereby making hair color look even more natural.

Our Master Stylist Scott Pere cut her hair beautifully by adding more face framing layers which gave the hair more movement, and complimented her new dimensional color.

The modeling agency pre-booked a color appointment for the day following the Wella Event. This was a precautionary measure in case Chelsea’s color turned out to be too much of a departure from what she previously had. I was happy to hear that Chelsea cancelled that appointment.

3 Responses to “Wella Event at Rockefeller Center”

  1. Mairely Says:

    Eva I had called and ask you if brown hair thats colored ocassionaly to cover few white hair, can be highlighted without having to add a powder that we all know what it does to hair. You recommended a couple of Salons in the Miami Beach area including Oribe but would like for you to recommend other as well.I lost the notes you gave as to the products I should ask for or spect for them to use.

  2. evascrivo Says:

    Wella has excellent color products for gray/white hair coverage. If you go on Wella’s website (www.wella.com), you’ll be able to search for a salon in the Miami area.

  3. Ellen Gracie Says:

    Her color looks wonderful after dying. It gave Chelsea much brighter and more interesting look. Does she still keep that one?

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